Vintage Baseball Bats

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Vintage Baseball Bats


Are you man enough to swing a 41 ounce bat?  The official bat of the Bay Area (California) Vintage Base Ball Association, exclusively made by The Bulldog Bat Company. Features a 2.50" barrel and 1.25" handle. Standard knob, 35"/40oz.


The other model sanctioned by the Bay Area Vintage Base Ball Association. Features  a tapered “knobless” design that was popular at the turn of the century. Features a 2.48" barrel and 1.25" handle. Tapered knob, 35"/43oz.

The Bulldog

Custom made by and for the company founder.  Designed for 1860's play, and made from poplar, with a huge sweet spot.  Features a 2.5" barrel and 1.25" handle. Available 37" long/34 oz., although other lengths can be custom made.


As the 20th century progressed, bats grew lighter, and handles became thinner. Based on a 30s era DiMaggio type model, it features a 2.475" barrel, and a 1.1" handle. Meets 19th century specifications. 34"/32oz.


Based upon a Jackie Robinson bat.  Barrel 2.56", handle 1.25".  Different weights available.


Townball was a child's game that predated baseball. This bat is 31" long.


In the 1860s, bats commonly were longer, and 40" bats were common (40" standard). Available in ash (42 ounces) and poplar (33 ounces). Custom models available up to 42".


A great all around bat for both the underhand and overhand game. Features a 2.45" barrel and 1.2" handle. Available 33"/34oz, 30"/30oz.


Inspired by several "mushroom" handle design bats popular toward the end of the 19th century. The large knob acts as a counterbalance for the full "bottle" barrel, and the resulting large sweet spot makes this a great bat for both directional and fair/foul hitting. Features a 2.35" barrel and a 1.25" handle. Available 33.5"/41 oz.


A slimmed down version of the V80. The bottle barrel gives a large sweet spot, while the thinner (1.1") handle provides a more modern feel. Available 33.5"/35oz.


This straight-taper barrel became popular in the late 1800s, and remained popular through the turn of the 20th century, The bat features a 2.3" barrel and a 1.25" handle 35"/35 oz